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Marvel Universe Anonymous Kinks Meme

You know you want it.  You just can’t admit it.


Spiderman/Doc Octopus tentacle sex.  Medusa/Black Bolt hair bondage.  A threesome with Magneto/Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch, or maybe Chase/Gert and Old Lace.  Cyclops/Wolverine hate!sex with blood play.


We all have our secret, kinky fantasies involving your favorite Marvel Universe characters.  Here’s a chance to see a fic based on yours with out having to admit to the world that you’ve been craving a story where Pyro brands Iceman since you saw X2. 


Here's how it works:

**  You ANONYMOUSLY post a kink request you've always wanted to read but were too afraid/embarrassed to ask for or write yourself.  Random folk will read your request and write you a drabble or ficlet, also ANONYMOUSLY

**  You can make and fulfill as many requests as you like.  Feedback (also ANONYMOUS) is highly encouraged, though not exactly a rule. 

**  If someone has already written for a particular request you can still write something too!  No limits here.

**  If you make a request, try to respond to one as well to keep the meme active.  .

** Remember this is a kink meme, not a pairing meme.  Don’t just list the pairing you want to see a story about but what you’d like to see them doing.


Wrong way: Psylocke/Cyclops because I always thought they should get together. 


Right way: Psylocke/Cyclops.  Fem dom, strap-on dildo, Japanese rope bondange


Or something along those lines. 



If you need ideas or aren’t sure about the vocabulary you might want to take a look at this handy resource, the List of Fandom kinks, tropes and clichés .

** Please be considerate.  While this meme is anonymous people will be checking to see if anyone has filled their request so please don’t make rude comments about anyone's particular kinks or requests or flame other people’s contributions.  Maybe you think Storm/Kitty is sick and wrong but there’s someone out there who’s squinked big time by your fantasy of Hulk in a purple negligee.  So just move along.  And please no shipping arguments.  People should feel free to make a request pairing whomever you want however you want.  If you object move on to the next request or make a request for what you want to read.  Any undue nastiness will be deleted. 

**  Remember to post ANONYMOUSLY.  Though you can certainly own up to what you’ve written and re-post in your journal and other communities under your username. 


And finally please pimp this meme at your journal and on any communities that you’re a part of that might be interested.   It’ll be more fun the more people there are involved.


 Check out the Kink Meme Masterlist  for your other fandoms!

The crack_rack's official complaints post.


Nov. 29th, 2008 06:18 am (UTC)
The Summers Family Breed 'em Kinky! - 1/6
The day started out just as any would when it came to the lives of one mutant messiah and one scarred mercenary who put up with him. On the run from authorities.

And in women's clothing.

It was the only thing he had time to grab before running like hell out of the not-so-abandoned barn they'd been holed up in. Nate, of course, had managed to keep his usual blue costume, but his had been beyond any sort of repair after the fight and he wasn't much for looking like Dom in the early nineties with more hole than costume.

"You should've grabbed more than one horse," Wade muttered, holding the reins and pouting in a way that almost made the clothing look like it belonged on him.

"We've got the one," Nate replied. He shoved some more bullets back into his gun, then checked it. "Keep going."

Wade rolled his eyes, muttering under his breath. "Stupid Summers and their stoicism."

Heh, Alliteration was fun.

"What was that?" It was followed by the sound of gunfire. Four bullets, to be exact, fired from the back of the horse. Hailing somewhere straight from that big chunk of metal Nate was aiming.

More of that eye rolling. Of course Nate got the gun. He also got to wear pants. At least he was the one who had to ride bitch on the horse. That was the thought that kept Wade all toasty warm and kept his manhood from being offended by the entire situation.

It was needed too. The skirt was damn drafty.

"Be sure to keep us steady!" Because Nate could order people around. Of course. "I'm running out of bullets."

"Aim better!" Wade snapped, digging his heels into the horse's sides to spur it on faster into a gallop.The He was pretty damn glad Nate managed to grab one of the big horses who they wouldn't kill with their combined weight.

The noise of bullets firing off into the beyond picked up again. One round, two rounds, three rounds, four rounds-- "I'm out," Nate called, shoving the empty gun into his pocket. He turned back, so he could grab Wade to keep steady on the damn horse.

Wade stiffened, trying to crane his neck around to give him a look for that. "Watch where the hands are going mister! I'm not that kinda lady!"

"I'd rather not fall off the horse," Nate commented, the jackass. "Just keep on going, straight ahead. We should be able to outrun them." He didn't let go.

"Hands above the waist!" Wade insisted, gritting his teeth and ducking down as the horse took off down the road faster than he thought something this big was capable. It was like Galactus moving like a cheetah or somethin'.

While Nate didn't really roll his eyes, he did grab a little tighter onto Wade's sides, gritting his teeth. "Keep going until we lose them or the horse tires out," he said.

And they did.

It was what certainly felt like a long time later that Wade was twisting around to check if they lost their intrepid pursuers. Seeing no sign of the po-po, he decided that bringing the horse back down to a walk would probably keep from killing the poor smelly thing.

He'd named the gelding Vicky. Because of the smell and the fur.

"We should keep on going for a while yet," Nate muttered, glancing over his shoulder. He'd still refused to let go of Wade during the whole... thing.

"We're still walking," Wade replied, looking down at the hands. "Look at us still walking along away from the nice pistol waving constables."

And wow had Nate randomly ended up pressed against him there.

One last glance behind him, and that was that. "We're going to have to find the root cause of this," Nate said, his eye flashing dangerously. "It was a little... unexpected." He leaned forward.

There was chest against his back. Why was there chest against his back? Were they gonna start doing the pottery scene from Ghost now? He did have the voice for it, after all...

Wade shook his head to clear any thoughts of Nate dancing around. "Nobody puts baby in a corner," He muttered, completely oblivious to any dramatic eye flashing.

"Shhh," Nate replied, and fell quiet. The horse clomped on on his merry way. One of Nate's hands drummed quietly against Wade's chest.
Nov. 29th, 2008 06:20 am (UTC)
The Summers Family Breed 'em Kinky! - 2/6
"...uh, you do know the skirt and--rather fashionable blouse if I do say so myself-- are just to hide my shame, right? I'm not hiding any boobs in there," Wade said, eyes going wide for a moment at the whole touching thing here. There wasn't supposed to be any touching. It was just witty banter and unresolved sexual tension that came from all the fighting.

"...Hm." Nate was being so very darn helpful right now. "At least you didn't go for the polka dots..." And hilarious. Really.

"I liked the yellow," Wade said before he could catch himself and keep that man card from being revoked. Damn his highly attuned fashion sense.

Of course, this only served to distract him from the problem at hand. Nate was still pawing at him like a drunken prom date and this skirt did nothing to hide his reactions thereof. Even if it did make his thighs look fabulous.

He shoulda remembered to do laundry and wore his boxers instead of the thong he stole from Nate's sister.

Nate patted him on the shoulder with the other hand. "Of course," he said. And then paused, as if realizing something for the first time. "Wade...?"

"Did you hear that?" Wade asked quickly. "It sounded like Apocalypse! Run, Nate! Run and smite him with your over-sized Freudian slip!"

"...Apocalypse is in space, Wade." Nate leaned back, shooting Wade a look from behind. "Um..."

"He could be here." Somewhere. "Okay, so maybe it's your dad. And he's dating another new telepathic chick!"

Stalling until this whole thing went away was the best plan he ever had. Other than that one that involved a tube and a midget in Chicago with Weaz.

Rubbing his forehead with the one hand he was able to keep free, Nate muttered something under his breath. Then spoke, louder, "Wade, shut up."

The horse hit a bump. That meant Nate was going to have to-- sigh-- cling tighter. The universe hated.

"You know, this reeks of cliched fanfic," Wade remarked, looking forward with great determination. "Any minute now there's gonna be a secluded glen with a crystal clear pool of water where we take baths and sneak peeks at each other before making slow and tender love beneath the starlit sky." A beat. "Which it would randomly be, instead of kinda cloudy and in the middle of the morning."

"...I wasn't really planning on it," Nate replied, eying him sideways. "We're in a desert, Wade. It goes on for roughly another hundred miles in that direction..." He gestured in front of them, past Wade's head.

"..." Wade turned his head to give him a look right on back. "Fine, an oasis then. But the cliche still stands!"

Especially since the movement of the horse so wasn't helping with the unsexy thoughts. Like... Jimmy all feral, Or Bullseye and Tasky making out.

Ugh, that one almost made him throw up.

"That better be the gun poking me or I'm calling shenanigans."

There was a short silence.

"Oh, by the Bright Lady," Nate muttered, "This is utterly ridiculous." So, clearly, to defeat the point, he had to reach forward and grab Wade through the fabric of the skirt. Clearly.

Wade actually did pride himself on being pretty graceful when it came to fighting and the like, so when that nearly caused him ll off the horse, it was safe to say it was a surprise. "Nate?!"

"This is ridiculous," Nate repeated, calmly, "Let's deal with it and move on." He wasn't letting go.

"How is a handjob dealing with it and moving on?!" Wait... why was he complaining about a handjob? "And you are far too calm about this, man! And don't say 'it's a future thing' or I swear to god I'mma punch you until you stop with the cryptic."

"It's that, or you're going to be complaining all night." Nate had taken up his damn leaning thing again. "I'm just... evaluating the possibilities."

"...so this is to shut me up?" Wade asked, wondering if he should be offended or just go with the sex here. It wasn't like anyone was dying to get into his pants--skirt-- these days.

Nate raised an eyebrow at his back. Rather than respond verbally, he rubbed Wade through the skirt, once or twice...
Nov. 29th, 2008 06:24 am (UTC)
The Summers Family Breed 'em Kinky! - 3/6
Wade swallowed back whatever witty response he had for that because... Guh. Hand that wasn't his on his dick right now. It had been too fucking long since it was anything but his right hand there. He leaned back, deciding to maybe go with this for now. It wasn't as if Nate was gonna run around and spill the bean that he jacked Deadpool off while he was in drag.

...that was so much dirtier than he thought it would be.

That hand stopped. It slid over the fabric, smoothing it over Wade's leg for a moment, and then it was under the skirt. Nate rubbed up Wade's thigh, grabbing him more firmly with his other arm. "Better?"

"Yeah-huh!" Wade said quickly, nodding more than a few times to show how much this was nice and seriously what was the catch here?

There was a small pause as possible scenarios ran through his head. Most were from porn. After that he had to ask, "...you're not gonna try to fuck me here, are you? Because just because I'm in a skirt, doesn't make me a bitch."

And he had a knife on the other thigh with which to prove that point most effectively.

"We're on a horse," Nate replied, like that answered absolutely everything, and pushed his hand further up. To find-- "...Thong?"

"...it was laundry day," Wade muttered. Of course now he was gonna have a rep as the cross-dressing merc with a mouth. he just knew it.

"..." Nate seemed to have decided not to ask. He yanked on it instead, pulling it down. "No more surprises?"

Wade turned his head. "What else could I surprise you with there? It doesn't have teeth, there's only one and I most certainly am not a chick."

He was not doing a little 'ants in his pants' squirming over his dick no longer being trapped by the banana hammock. That would be silly to think he was.

Okay, he was, but could you blame him?

The horse kept on going. He, too, seemed to have decided not to mention certain things for the day. Yep.

"That's a relief," Nate said. Only a little awkwardly. He took Wade in hand, careful underneath the skirt. "Wouldn't want to lose a hand."

Hand! There was a hand and warm and tight and this was the best he'd had in over a year... or three. How fucking sad was that, huh? Only sex he'd had in three years was this.

"'m thinkin' that's only for ladybits and in horror movies, ya know," Wade muttered trying to keep his eyes from slipping down to half mast.

Nate's form leaned forward to support him more. The movement of the horse was still making it a bit difficult to just stay seated, after all. He jerked up slowly, his eyes set on the side of Wade's face. "Never was much for horror movies."

Wade opened his mouth to say something and only managed a silent little fish like gaping. His grip on the reins tightened just a bit as he tried to rock forward into that hand. "'s quality entertainment," he managed after that false start.

"If you say so..." Nate's own hips twitched against his for a moment, but then stopped, restrained. He began to move, picked a rhythm, slow upstrokes, faster downstrokes. The fabric of the skirt rubbed against the top of his hand.

It bunched up lewdly, showing more of his thighs than the length of the skirt would have normally allowed. Wade leaned back against him, still keeping himself in control by trying to focus on the road. Make this last...

He was pretty sure that before he started this good guy crap and working for/with Nate, he never got off on feeling someone's hard on rubbing against his ass and the small of his back. It was about enough to make him twitch a lil' and moan between gritted teeth. "You gonna jus' keep ignorin' that?"

"Ignoring what...?" Nate leaned his chin on Wade's shoulder. He seemed to be staring down at the entire-- thing down there, his hand moving over and over again. Then his eyes flicked up at the road. "Paying attention?"

"That's not a gun," Wade said, having to let go of the reins with one hand to put his hand against the very frontmost part of the saddle or find himself falling again here. Balance was imperative for horseback sex it seemed.

He rather shamelessly humped forward into that hand, moaning quietly at the feeling of it all. "I'm not gonna be able to ignore that, ya know."
Nov. 29th, 2008 06:28 am (UTC)
The Summers Family Breed 'em Kinky! - 4/6
"Might be able to," Nate replied, his eyes sliding shut for no particular reason at all. "Mind over matter." It was starting to seem likely he was enjoying this...

"You're one fucking kinky guy," Wade informed him, watching him out of the corner of his eye. "Never woulda guessed it."

Although, you know what they say about the quiet ones... If Wade woke up tied up in those weird Japanese knot bondage thingies, he was gonna be so pissed off.

"I'm not." Nate's eyes flicked back open. His hips gave another twitch. "I'm just lending a hand..."

Because that wasn't a bad joke at all, or anything.

It was a horrible joke, but Wade snickered like a thirteen year old boy over it anyway. "You hard an' all you're focusin' on is how my skirt is moving?" Wade spread his legs to pull the fabric up yet more. "An' that's not kinky to you?"

"...Nope?" Now he did sound a little awkward, there. Next thing, Nate's hand was slipping off Wade's chest and rubbing at Wade's now mostly-uncovered thigh instead.

"Kee-rist," Wade said with a snort. This was kinda flattering. But who woulda thought all it took to get some sex was to put on women's clothing? "You got a kink for crossdressing or something?"

"Not really." And out with the awkwardness again. "Stop complaining." Without warning, he brushed his thumb over the tip.

Wade inhaled sharply, shifting in the saddle and grinning. "Oooo, I think I hit a nerve."

He was gonna cherish this moment and remember when he was the one who got to Nate and not the other way around. It was a red letter day for his Livejournal.

Dropping the reins completely now-- the horse was going just fine on his own-- Wade reached back and hesitated for a moment before putting his hand on Nate's thigh. The metal one. It was warm through the fabric instead of cool like he kinda expected.

The hand on Wade's thigh left abruptly. Nate eyed him, sideways-- and that hand found the side of Wade's face, which he tilted, not particularly waiting for anything as he kissed him. Firmly, too. His hips jerked a little at the contact, over the fabric as it might have been.

Okay, he hadn't actually that that was true. It was a joke, you know... haha? And now there was kissing involved.

It took him a few seconds to respond, opening his mouth numbly. He had something in his head like Pretty Woman, not on the lips about this. But he didn't have the frog mouth... even if Nate did make a pretty good Richard Gere. He should kiss him back. Soon.

Seriously, what the hell about that made this more real and less... fuckbuddy-y.

Before any moves in return could be made, though, Nate broke it, his forehead resting against Wade's as he breathed, speeding up his hand. "...You can go for the pants, you know..."he panted, looking at him with those big blues.

...that was so many levels of cheating there. So many fucking levels. It was like trying to say no to a puppy. A puppy who had your dick in his hand and was doing nice things to it, but a puppy nonetheless.

Wade swallowed loudly, eyes open wide as he tried to convey the whole cheating thing. "...I can't see behind me." Cop-out. Such a wussy cop-out.

Nate dropped his chin back to Wade's shoulder; the hand against Wade's head went with him, seemingly vanishing until an audible zipping noise made it quite clear what had just happened. "You asked," he pointed out, quietly.

But then he was drunk on the sex! He didn't actually put any thought into touching some other guy's dick!

Even if he could feel it now behind him. Yup that was most certainly a penis there. And it was getting his blouse stained with pre-cum. That was never gonna come out without detergent and oh god that was the gayest thing he'd ever thought in his life. Gayer than the thoughts about the oasis thing.

Wade nodded, looking around suddenly, as if there would be someone around who would see them doing this. After a moment or two of deliberation on fair trade and how Nate had been very nice so far with the handjob, he took a deep breath and reached back to hesitantly run his fingers over Nate's dick.
Nov. 29th, 2008 06:31 am (UTC)
The Summers Family Breed 'em Kinky! - 5/6
The sigh that followed was equal parts relief and a certain amount of-- well, joy, on Nate's part. His eyes slipped shut. His hand reached down to rub along one of Wade's balls in return. The horse started a little with a blow of a stray rock, but it wasn't anything seriously. "Hmhm."

Well if that was what he got for just touching, Wade was thinking this was the best deal he ever did. Closing his hand around Nate's length, he shifted in the saddle and stroked down awkwardly. It was a bad damn angle here.

Fine enough, it seemed, for Nate, who groaned and took a hold of Wade's shaft again, pumping up hard. He left even more vaguely obscene impressions under the skirt, but at this point, complaining about it seemed to be pretty useless. "Won't be long," he muttered into Wade's blouse, then pulled his head up.

Wade nodded once, trying to reach back at a different angle this time and--okay that might break his arm. And ow. Very much the ow there.

Glancing over at him once before quickly looking at a spot somewhere in the distance, Wade cleared his throat and lifted the back of the skirt up instead, pressing back just enough to feel the length of Nate's dick between his ass cheeks and that really should not have turned him on quite as much as it did. The skirt certainly wasn't helping either.

He just bit his lip and didn't make any comments on how this was so being the bitch here as he shifted back to encourage a lil' movement.

Something seemed to have caught in Nate's throat. He panted something hoarse. His hips twitched again, and, given a moment... finally thrust up against him, in a slightly slower replica of the rhythm he was beating on Wade's dick. "Well," he said, but didn't elaborate.

He pressed his face into Wade's neck and curled his arm around his torso again, keeping them steady. Sliding up just there and by the sound of his gasping, it seemed that he didn't mind overly much.

Oh, this was at least ten times hotter than porn here. He could feel Nate's breath on his neck, his hand on his dick, hear all the noises he was making and the rocking of his hips there... "Oh, mother of Martha Stewart," He gasped.

He should put his hands somewhere here... Nate's thighs seemed like the best idea if he wanted to keep his balance so that's just where they ended up.

"Don't got..." Nate grunted. Apparently he got less wordy when he was turned on. Fancy that. "...any furniture..." He kissed the side of Wade's neck. His hand on Wade's hip, fingers spread out across the skin, kept him steady, in the right spot, going just right...

He just had to ask, "Furniture?" Nevermind that now! More of that kissing thing was always gonna be appreciated. Wade panted, holding onto Nate hard enough to give him some rather spectacular bruises. And they were just gonna ruin his skirt at this rate, damn it.

Okay maybe he needed to focus on things that were his skirt, but that keeping him from cumming right now and that seemed important. Outlasting Nate and all here.

"Martha?" It looked like tiny words were definitely Nate's style there.The bruises in question were already going a little blue around the edge, but he didn't really react to it. He panted heavily on the wet spot on Wade's neck and shifted his head sideways. "C'mon..."

Okay, that there? Yet more cheating. Nathan Askani'Son Cable Priscilla Joey Joe Joe Whatever He Was Going By Today Summers did not make noises like that and didn't fucking get people all hot and bothered by just breathing on their neck. Sure, the hand on his dick and the... stuff going on behind him was helping, but that was just a step to far there.

Wade tensed for a moment, making an inarticulate noise that sounded kinda like 'peanut butter' and he wasn't even sure it wasn't him saying 'peanut butter' at that point. But shit, man. There was a spot on his skirt that was spreading and he was pretty sure he hadn't cum in his clothing since he was a teenager.
Nov. 29th, 2008 06:32 am (UTC)
The Summers Family Breed 'em Kinky! - 6/6
There were some faint lines of a smirk pressed into his neck, or something like it. Can't have been more than a couple of moments before Nate shoved his face down into his neck again, made some undescribable noise, and shot something all over his lower back. And the back of the skirt. Pretty much ruined, now. Nate muttered something that sounded like he was questioning Wade about the peanut butter comment, but it was too muffled to tell.

Give him a moment to get his mind back online here. Rebooting after bluescreening over sex.

"...I think I kinda want that oasis now," Wade said slowly. He felt like kinda like the floor of a porn theater with all the... stuff. That he wasn't gonna think too much about lest he have some sort of gay panic and ruin the afterglow here.

"Should've lost them by now," Nate murmured. He sounded kind of tired. He withdrew his head from Wade's shoulder. "Which means... we can probably try and see if the bodyslide system is back up..."" He pulled his hand out from under Wade's skirt, and shook it at the ground to get all of that stuff off.

He should so take care of the thong when they were not on a horse. "I think we might need to leave money for therapy for Vicky."

Nate cast a look over his shoulder, at the horse in question. "I think he'll live," he said, forcing his breathing back down to a manageable level.

"Right. Horse and lacking of higher cognitive functions." Wade slumped a lil' bonelessly.

"Mmhm." He patted Wade on the shoulder. "Ready for a bodyslide?"

"I want a shower and maybe some Chinese food." A beat. "And a cigarette."

But that was because it was just what you did when you'd just had sex with your enemy turned uneasy ally, turned best friend, turned guy who you have UST with to the point where random people comment on it.

As if he could read Wade's mind, Nate patted him again and said, "We'll see to that. Bodyslide by three."

The horse blinked owlishly for all of a second before the blinding glare of light had overtaken him, too.

Wade very calmly smoothed his skirt and ignored the open mouthed looks of shock from Irene and... was that The Fixer? Why did they keep asking him to work here? Was Weaz unavailable?

"And that is why we don't play around in the past," He informed them both very calmly. "I love the hair cut, by the way, Irene. It's very flattering."

...this was the worst day ever.

Nate slid off the horse with grace. "It's been a long day," he said, visibly unaffected by the SHEER AWKWARD of this, "I'll be in my quarters."


Right now Wade was wondering just how the hell his pants were back on and nothing was out of place there. Because he knew that wasn't a hallucination. His lower back was all itchy and sticky and that was about enough to let him know it was real.

"...the horse and I are going to go and get some Chinese food," He said finally, trying to nudge Vicky in the direction of the doors. And away from trying to eat the Fixer's shirt.

And with that, the both of them left the room, heads held high.
Apr. 9th, 2009 05:39 pm (UTC)
Re: The Summers Family Breed 'em Kinky! - 6/6
Oh my god, this is amazing. Hot and funny and perfectly in character and I think I have a sex on horseback kink now.
Apr. 11th, 2009 09:12 pm (UTC)
Re: The Summers Family Breed 'em Kinky! - 6/6
...I so needed this. ILU!
Apr. 12th, 2009 08:33 pm (UTC)
Re: The Summers Family Breed 'em Kinky! - 6/6
This is why I love the internet. You get things like these.
Well done for making my day.
May. 25th, 2009 06:17 am (UTC)
Re: The Summers Family Breed 'em Kinky! - 6/6
Good Lord. I never thought this was possible D:

Can... Can there be a continuation on this? With moar Wade-in-denial? *grabby hands*

I'll give you a box of adorable labradoodles! <333 *holds up the box of cute puppies with colorful bows on their collars*