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I’ve recently been participating the Loveless and Fruits Basket anonymous kink memes and I’ve found it offers some really interesting opportunities to write off-beat pairings and scenarios, as well as a chance to see what others make of my crazier ideas. 


I thought it would be interesting to start an anonymous kink meme for Revolutionary Girl Utena.  After all, the Utena has tremendous kink potential.  Twincest, incest, Anthy being the perpetual sub in a D/s relationship with whoever wins her in the duels, Akio’s foot fetish, car sex, chan and the occasional threesome are all canon….


Here's how it works:

**  You ANONYMOUSLY post a kink request you've always wanted to read but were too afraid/embarrassed to ask for or write yourself.  Random folk will read your request and write you a drabble or ficlet, also ANONYMOUSLY

**  You can make and fulfill as many requests as you like.  Feedback (also ANONYMOUS) is highly encouraged, though not exactly a rule. 

**  If someone has already written for a particular request you can still write something too!  No limits here.

**  If you make a request, try to respond to one as well to keep the meme active.  .

** Remember this is a kink meme, not a pairing meme.  Don’t just list the pairing you want to see a story about but what you’d like to see them doing.


Wrong way: Juri/Shiori


Right way: Juri/Shiori—hair pulling, nipple torture, Shiori topping.


Of course some pairings, such Utena’s as the three sets of incestuous siblings (Akio/Anthy , Miki/Kozue and Touga/Nanami) have built in kinkiness. 


If you need ideas or aren’t sure about the vocabulary you might want to take a look at this handy resource, the List of Fandom kinks, tropes and clichés .

** Please be considerate.  While this meme is anonymous people will be checking to see if anyone has filled their request so please don’t make rude comments about anyone's particular kinks or requests or flame other people’s contributions.  And please no shipping arguments.  People should feel free to make a request pairing whomever you want however you want.  If you object move on to the next request or make a request for what you want to read.  Any undue nastiness will be deleted.. 

**  Remember to post ANONYMOUSLY.  Though you can certainly own up to what you’ve written and re-post in your journal and other communities under your username. 


And finally please pimp this meme at your journal and on any communities that you’re a part of that might be interested.   It’ll be more fun the more people there are involved.

Check out the Kink Meme Masterlist  for your other fandoms!

Official Complaints Post.


Oct. 20th, 2007 05:10 pm (UTC)
Mikage was a man who thrived on the power of thought. Ideas to him were a driving force of existence, but he knew as well that most others needed words and actions, and that was no burden to him- he was an expert in matters of oral encouragement, in many ways. In most cases, his weapon were words, however, in some cases, such as this, with miss Tenjou's ankles over his shoulders, strained and still clad in her athletic sneakers and red socks, matters of diplomacy were far more carnal.
"I'm not that kind of girl," She had said, still visibly weakening as she limpened, sandwiched between the elevator wall and his body.
"I know. You're very different. That's why I need you." He knew this fine flower would be slower to open her petals than the rest.
"You're a natural pink," He commented wryly as he stretched her waistband downward over her soft short curls, "I'm sure that's not the last thing we have in common." She almost laughed, but coughed irritably instead and pushed his head down.
"Idiot," she said, Don't just stop whenever!"
Her emotionally uptight nature loosened, slowly with his ministrations, and she breathily answered what he asked of her, in between languid licks to her soft folds.
"It's- it's not something I know much about-" She heaved, voice breaking as his tongue slid deftly over her bud, "It's- she's my friend. I think she's gotten herself into something that she doesn't really want. She doesn't seem ha- ah!- happy,"
"Deeper," He bid her, in a smooth well-practiced voice, "Go deeper." He ventured inside her, matching with his own request, lapping at her moist inner walls.
She hesitated, groaning as he continued to work at her with his mouth, and panted, waiting out the siezing throes of her first orgasm. She could barely catch her breath, still caught in his will as he continued to suckle sweet nectar from the swollen petals of her sex.
"I- I'm worried about her," She weakly managed, straining for coherency against his maddeningly skillful mouth, "Ahh- Mm, she- she- I don't know what's keeping her where she is... who- who's keeping her there or why. She's- she's just a normal girl, but-" She gasped and keened, as he puckered his lips and sucked gently at her clitoris, a worthy distraction as he busied himself pulling out a handkerchief with one hand to clean the sticky mess that already stained his freed erection. He was a man of ideals; thought alone could bring him such results, but he continued to attend to Utena with utmost care; not all people had minds as powerful as he did, and she was no exception.
"But- there are people who want to own her- or kill her, ha- hnnn-!" Her breath quickened more, his lips on her not letting up, "Why- why would they do that? It's awful- it's- she deserves better than- she needs someone to- ah- hha- ah! Hi- Himemiya!" She came again, this time calling out the incriminating name.
"I see," Mikage said, not wiping his mouth, "Your only choice is to revolutionize the world. Come with me." She continued to pant, slouching into the chair where she'd been seated and looked wearily at the hand he offered her. She straightened herself, and followed him in to the hallway.
Oct. 21st, 2007 02:10 am (UTC)
Sweet Jesus this is good, sexually explicit poetry. Love it.
May. 12th, 2009 02:50 pm (UTC)
Seconded. Lucky Utena.